Originals Development

APDS is specialized in the process called New Product Development (NPD) in business development. NPD describes the creation process of new-to-the-world concepts. Most important goal in this process is to find a way to create product concepts with a minimum risk of failure and a high probability of high profit. We carry out NPD projects for other companies and inventors, but in most case we take the initiative and take care of development. This gives us the opportunity to act quick, flexible, without unnecessary boundaries, company stress or bias. Depending on concept characteristics, we work together with partners from all over the world. Co-creation often is the way to make big things happen.

The ODIN approach

We call our approach to NPD ‘Originals Development for INdustry’ or the ODIN approach. Characteristic for the ODIN approach is that A) development starts outside the company that in the end puts it on the market and B) that company gets full control over development in a stage of development where most risks related to NPD are resolved.

The ODIN approach holds that concepts are created for certain markets and usertypes and not for specific companies or customers. APDS aims at bringing new product concepts to TRL 6 or 7 (TRL = Technology Readiness Level, see picture below) before approaching companies for the final stages. This results for them in a very short time to market and a low risk of failure.

ODIN development projects are set up from the perspective of business development. This includes a lot of research and analysis that takes place for every single concept in order to understand the business, to build a business case and to bring relevant business partners together. All relevant information collected during the development process is shared with our co-creation partner(s).

The ODIN approach is a fast and easy way for companies to get fast access and exclusivity with new product concepts on new markets.

Our Method

Development takes place in our Innovation Lab in Almere. Here we work with great minds and lots of coffee to turn thoughts into plans and plans into reality. Here we are able to play with ideas and take every step needed to get where we want. We make sure there is enough room for experimentation, even failure, but always with a strong focus on good business in the end.