About Us


Our history as a product development company goes back to 1990 which makes clear we’re in business for the long run. To be on top in product development we have to be flexible, open minded, resourceful and, let’s assume, a bit talented. Our approach it to embrace diversity and not to wait until new concepts are presented to you.

About 70% of our work is related to the use of food and beverages, 10% has connection with health and personal care, another 10% with transportation and the rest with a variety of other directions. The same diversity is true for the type and size of companies we work with and for. Our role has changed over the years from supporting to leading to initiating.  We’re now mainly engaged in developing new product concepts that are new to the world and are interesting for other companies to bring to the market.

APDS has an Innovation Lab in Almere were virtually anything perceivable can be designed, simulated, prototyped, tested and evaluated. So far the most famous product concept coming from the APDS Innovation Lab in Almere is the Philips Airfryer concept based on RUSH-technology or Rapid Air Technology as Phillips calls it. Five years after its introduction in 2010 in Berlin more than 5 million units were sold worldwide. It was the beginning of a new product category at Philips. Many other brands now have derived versions from the original concept. It has set a new standard for healthy food preparation. It still represents a trade value of hundreds of millions in EURO’s, every year.

Although developing new business and creating new product concepts are strongly linked, it is business wise a good thing to separate the actual product development work from the rest. Therefore APDS was split into two companies in 2014. It enables us to operate as independent developers and make is easier to connect to other companies, and stakeholders.

APDS Development B.V.

APDS Development is focused on product development. It initiates and carries out new product development projects. It takes care of the entire process from orientation to realization, including patenting, market and technical research, prototyping, testing, validating, sourcing,  manufacturing etc..

APDS Originals B.V.

APDS Originals, is focused on business development. It identifies and creates connections between stake holders, it collects and analyses data about markets and companies, it manages IP-rights, takes care of concept licensing and sales.

quoteWe operate from our APDS Innovation Lab on the Creative Campus in Almere. Here we have all facilities for translating ideas into reality. You may call it a developers paradise. quote2


APDS wants to be on the fore front of progress and prosperity with solutions for interesting  problems. Our goal is to give companies the advantage of being the first on the market by giving them a head start and an element of surprise. Trends are never leading, we just create solutions that are appealing for large audiences. It’s our mission to create product concepts that add value to the end-user and that make it easy to make a more sustainable choice at the same time.


APDS finds it very important to supports charities. Returns from licensed concepts, brought to the market by other companies, also contribute to creating opportunities for enterprising people in a part of the world where support is otherwise very hard to find. We strongly support Oxfam Novib with their micro financing programs in different parts of the world.

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