What is Rapid Air Technology?

Rapid Air technology is another name for the RUSH technology that was developed by APDS Development during the development of the Airfryer. RUSH stands for Radiant and UpStream Heating, which tells us something about the way heat is transferred. Distinctive about the technology is that heat is transferred with very high intensity, that heat is distributed over the food from all sides and that the heat can penetrate through a thick pile of food particles.

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To develop a cooking concept

There is a story behind every product. Even the simplest man-made things we see around us were once just an idea that, most likely, came from a (sub)conscious notion of a problem. An idea starts with standing still for a moment to think about that problem. But before that you have to be made aware of the problem.

This story is about the birth of a cooking concept we now know as Airfrying but was once called simply “fat free frying”. Indeed its done with the Airfryer. Millions of Airfryers were sold over the past 4 years and all over the world so it is likely you know what I’m talking about.

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